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you tube member now!!!

hey all! arrrgh! was thinking (for some weird reason) about levi all sommer oh well now i’m at the library and listening to the veronica’s and the commputer says i only have 10 minutes!!!
umm how was everyone’s christmas and new years??
oh their’s no point in me asking that when i bet no one even reads my blog…
oh well thats fine with me!!!
i can’t believe one of them died her hair blonde!!! and shes got tats
shit c ya’s l8r!


today’s notes for my maths class

Copy these instructions into word on your computer and save them under a folder on your drive called maths

1. go to and setup a new email address

choose a name between 5 and 12 characters long, all lower case no punctuation – only allowed

use your real name but an ALIAS for your email address, not you.

set a good password 8 characters minium use Caps, and numbers

eg goodgirls as G00dG1rl$ replacing E with 3, i with 1, o with 0 etc makes it hard to

guess and easy to memember and type

you can use your school email address as the backup email address for google mail

Now go to and start an account use the same name as your gmail account or a one close to it.

confirm the email in your new email at gmail, type an intoduction to your self in the blog, but with no identifying information, eg real name address phone etc.

go into the appearance and select a theme that you like,

go back into gmail and select a theme you like there.

(copy and save this into work and also save your username and password on this file so you don’t forget it.)

Hello world! or not….lol

hey guys, well, obvious that this is my first post and i’m very excited. i always wanted to have a blog ‘coz i seen them on movies and read about them in tons of books so umm, yeah. i know i probably sound like a right git now. 🙂

so, ok timmy says did i tell u i’m a ranga yet, so no i didn’t but i just did so umm yeah.  half of my class is here reading what i’m saying because i was told to create this blog by my maths teacher mr dixon (no laughing). we are creating this so we can document our thoughts about a movie we are watching called “pay it forward”.

it’s this great story about a little boy, trevor, who is set a class assignment to change the world. trevor takes the assignment seriously
and creates a theory called the “pay it forward” theory. where if trevor helps three random people in a big way, they will help three more, and well you get the idea…