Hello world! or not….lol

hey guys, well, obvious that this is my first post and i’m very excited. i always wanted to have a blog ‘coz i seen them on movies and read about them in tons of books so umm, yeah. i know i probably sound like a right git now. 🙂

so, ok timmy says did i tell u i’m a ranga yet, so no i didn’t but i just did so umm yeah.  half of my class is here reading what i’m saying because i was told to create this blog by my maths teacher mr dixon (no laughing). we are creating this so we can document our thoughts about a movie we are watching called “pay it forward”.

it’s this great story about a little boy, trevor, who is set a class assignment to change the world. trevor takes the assignment seriously
and creates a theory called the “pay it forward” theory. where if trevor helps three random people in a big way, they will help three more, and well you get the idea…


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